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Anime Stickery Online specialize in Customize Anime Stickers and Decals for Car, Windows, Bike! 

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Anime stickers usually portray a character. Some of the most popular characters today are Pikachu, Son Goku, Naruto, Hatsune Miku and other characters from popular anime series. Anime stickers can be used for decorating bedrooms, especially your child’s. If your kid loves a certain anime, you can just buy stickers that are related to that show. Anime stickers can also be used to decorate your kid’s school supplies. They will absolutely love it!

Kids are not the only ones who could enjoy these stickers. Many of our precious childhood memories are from our favorite cartoons or anime series. We feel happy when we remember the characters that have brought us a lot of joy. Now, you can have them in the form of stickers. Whether you just want to reminisce or you want to decorate your room, you are free to pick the anime stickers that fit your taste here.

Why Are Anime Stickers Popular?

Stylish and Fun

Anime stickers offer a stylish and fun way to make your laptop, room or car stand out and customized. If you want to personalize your car, you can do so by using the stickers of your preference. You can put them on your car window, roof, door or bonnet. Anime Stickery Online provides you with a large collection of car stickers to pick from. We have stickers for Final Fantasy characters, Pokemon, Evangelion, Dragon Ball and more. We can also make stickers according to your preferred graphics, colors and designs.

Show Your Style

Anime stickers, bumper stickers, sticker decals and car stickers have become popular among people with cars. These stickers and decals reflect their personality and are a stylish way of decorating your car, gadgets or room. Whether you are looking for bumper stickers or window stickers, you can find it here.

Car stickers are often used to promote a sports team, political party or thought. Stickers can also come with entertaining phrases that reflect the driver’s way of thinking and personality. If you love anime characters and you want to use them to decorate your car, you are free to do so. Such stickers can brighten up the day and improve the mood of fellow drivers and onlookers.

Unique Gift Option

Anime stickers are also a good gift option and they can be easily purchased here at Anime Stickery Online. If your friend loves anime and you are looking for a unique gift for him or her, anime stickers will surely fit your needs. You can browse our store to see which stickers match your friend’s taste.

Regardless of the anime sticker you choose for your car, you are assured that it will last for a long time. These stickers can also be applied with ease. Our anime stickers and decals have highly tough adhesives and can withstand sunlight. They won’t fade easily or leave a mark when it’s time to remove them. Just choose the place where you want to put them. If you want to replace the stickers, you can easily remove them by hand without causing damage to your car paint.

Our anime stickers can also withstand harsh weather elements like snow and even car washing. They are made from premium quality vinyl with a strong adhesive back that sticks to the surface with ease. Anime stickers are unique and a clean way of decorating your car. Whether you are just looking for something cool or you want your taste to be reflected on your personal belongings, our anime stickers and decals will surely last for a long time and adorn your gadgets, rooms and car.

Why Buy from Us?

Anime Stickery Online carries a large collection or anime stickers and decals. We can also customize anime decals and stickers for windows, bikes and cars. Our anime stickers are offered at reasonable prices to meet your budget. We offer a wide range of anime categories, so you are free to choose the one that caught your attention. If there’s nothing that caught your interest, just tell us what you want and we will make it for you. We keep our prices affordable, so feel free to contact us and state your requirements. 


High quality and best prices
As the customize anime stickers company, we supply more than hundred of anime categories high-quality design. You will always get discounted prices. Experience professional services and quality products made in Malaysia today.
Highest quality made stickers and printing
All of our stickers are produced and manufactured in the Malaysia using only the highest quality made vinyl materials and best printing technologies by Roland Inkjet Printers - printer & cutters.
Highest quality vinyl and inks
Expect high quality anime stickers from Anime Stickery Online. Our stickers are made and manufactured in Malaysia using only the finest vinyl materials and printing technologies. We use original Roland ECO‐SOL MAX ink to ensure that our stickers and decals will last for a long time. Roland is well-known for providing the prized eco-solvent ink ECO-SOL MAX, which is resistant to scratch, dries fast, has high density and is available in a wide range of colors. The ink is virtually odorless and doesn’t need any environmental equipment or ventilation. Graphics printed using this ink is UV, water and scratch resistant for up to two years outdoors.

Fast Delivery

We handle your orders in the most efficient manner possible by using International Post Malaysia. We can’t guarantee the transit times, but we can provide an Estimated Delivery Time that reflects our best estimate based on regular shipping time. We also offer wholesale prices. You’ll get better prices for bigger orders. All you need to do is to register on our site and contact us. Registration is free and easy. You only need a valid email address and that’s it. Feel free to browse our collection anytime.


Wholesaler orders requirement
Big order, get better prices. Wholesale orders are welcome! Just register and contact us then you will get what you want! 


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It only takes a minute to register on our website and it is free. What you need is only a valid email address.


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