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Mystery Box Gift Surprise | Value Box Peeker Anime Stickers for Cars

$49.99 USD

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About Our Anime Stickers

All of our anime stickers are made of outdoor-caliber, durable, waterproof, glossy or semi-gloss vinyl. Eco-Solvent inks are used throughout for long life and fade resistance, providing a 2-3 years effective capability against any weather.

Crazy Bundles

Get Crazy Bundles that are guaranteed to be worth more than what you paid for! The more you pay, the more value you receive. No repeat.

  • Value Pack 1: 10 pieces
  • Value Pack 2: 15 pieces
  • Value Pack 3: 20 pieces

Mystery Box

The content of the mystery box will remain a secret until you receive it. Please note that the packaging in the picture is NOT the actual packaging. Our mystery box is packed in a plastic bag with a hard envelope.

  • Mystery box is just a "name" - we pack it in plastic with a hard envelope.
  • Each mystery box contains different stickers of different sizes.
  • You may be the lucky buyer that receives extra stickers in the box.

Ideal for Various Surfaces

Ideal for smooth flat surfaces like cars, bumpers, laptops, journals, windows, walls, etc.